Hi there, here’s a little story about how it all began.

What started as a shared love for travel on the open road soon became a fully-fledged business. Now we share this love with our clients, enabling you to enjoy hassle-free road-tripping in South Africa.


In 2016, founding member, Eugene Theron, and his wife Jenna, traveled through Ireland in a rented VW Caddy campervan. They were so impressed with their experience that they decided to bring the business concept to South Africa, where there was nothing like it.

The company co-founder, Mark Longridge, was already a convert having had many years experience on self-drive travel both inside and outside of Africa.

Once Eugene and Mark teamed up, there was no turning back. Besides years of relevant and complimentary business experience, both founding members shared a deep passion for adventure travel, the pleasure of the open road, and the diverse beauty of their country.

Following in-depth market research and meticulous planning, they built their first VW Caddy prototype in 2018 and settled on the company name Travel Bugz.

They opened their doors to the public in 2019 and have been facilitating awesome adventures in South Africa ever since.


Our aim is to become the most well known and respected supplier of compact campers in Southern Africa through:

  • Competitive prices and low running costs

  • High quality and innovative products

  • Lean operations

  • Excellent customer service (going the extra mile)

  • Cutting-edge technology and safety standards/features (connected travel)

  • Respectful, fair, ethical business practices

  • Sharing our passion for adventure and discovery in SA

How do we conduct ourselves and our business?

  • Respect: taking time to understand and value each person and respecting their choices.

  • Responsibility: caring for our staff, our customers, the community and the environment. Always accountable.

  • Excellence: provide the best quality experience with regards to our campers and our customer service.

  • Integrity: to act with honesty, openness and do what we say we will do. Fair and reliable.

  • Innovation: to be industry leaders.

What makes us different?

  • Travel Bugz is one of very few companies offering “compact campers”, as opposed to bulky motorhomes and 4x4 campers.

  • South Africa has the ideal climate for an outdoor-focused camping experience that our compact campers support; you don't need a 4x4 to "do Africa".

  • The VW Caddy 2.0TDI Maxi CrewBus boasts exceptional fuel efficiency, is extremely reliable and offers an excellent driving experience, backed by roadside assistance.

  • Fitted with high quality, innovative components and equipped with everything you need to hit the road with confidence, you won’t find a better setup in a compact camper.

  • Very affordable and competitive rental prices without excessive and age-related insurance premiums.

  • Excellent and personable customer service and support. Help and assistance is always close by.

  • A network of “Travel Budz” to further facilitate and enhance your adventure (bungee jumping, shark cage diving, rafting, etc).

  • A 100% South African owned and run company, with locally assembled vehicles, locally produced components, and a wealth of local knowledge.

Please give us a shout if you’d like to chat.